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Bryce Kirk

My name is Bryce Kirk. I design and develop flexible, modern websites from the ground up.

The web changes, significantly and often. The only way to compete in this industry is to change with it. I've dedicated myself to finding the best solution for the project at hand. No shortcuts, no trend-hopping. Solid design and good clean code are always the best approach.

My projects have been built with static HTML, Craft CMS, Wordpress, Zendesk, Squarespace, Shopify and more. I have an expert-level knowledge of HTML, CSS/SCSS and JS, as well as strong skills in PHP, Twig, and command line tools including Git, Node.js, Gulp, Webpack, Composer and more.

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Based in Calgary. Working globally.

Clients & Partners

CN duolingo Calm Subway McDonald's University of British Columbia the Rockefeller Foundation AIMCo Syncrude C & B Advertising Redline Interactive Venture Communications National PR Rain Music 4 Life Alberta Federation of Labour ARC Resources Go Crowsnest Pass