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Case Study

Blondie Boutique

Blondie Boutique is the manifestation of Megan Andre's love of fashion, featuring a curated selection of clothing from around the world. I worked with Megan to develop a visual direction for the brand, create an online shop and ensure cohesion between software systems. Roles: Art direction, design, development, consulting

Blondie Boutique - Megan Andre
Blondie Boutique logo

The Challenge

Create an online store that will elevate the brand to the level of its toughest competitors and integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

The Problem


At the start of my involvement, the brand was in the early stages of its look and feel. The typography, photography and copy needed to reinforce Blondie’s personality, spanning the online store as well as the retail location.


Communication was key. The online store needed to work with the retail location's POS, inventory and payment systems. Audience building and communication were also priorities.

The Design Solution


Niveau Grotesk represented the perfect balance of cleanliness and personality.

Blondie Boutique - Typography 1

Product Images

The product shots needed to be bold and informative, replacing the changing room.

Blondie Boutique product shot 1 Blondie Boutique product shot 2 Blondie Boutique product shot 3

Photography courtesy of Mount Media.


Shot throughout Calgary in late autumn, the photography toes the line between playful and serious.

Blondie Boutique photoshoot 4
Blondie Boutique photoshoot 5
Blondie Boutique photoshoot 2
Blondie Boutique photoshoot 6
Blondie Boutique photoshoot 7

Photography courtesy of Mount Media.

The Software Solution

Ecommerce Platform

Shopify, with its library of plug-and-play integrations, was the perfect fit. Not an isolated online store, but a fluid part of the business, connecting to the POS, inventory and payment systems with ease.

Ecommerce Platform Blondie on Ipad - Soldout

Growing the Audience

Mailchimp was integrated to grow Blondie’s reach. Wishlist functionality allows the store owner to view customers' most-wanted lists and contact them directly with deals and promos.

Join the Mailing List
Sample Email
Blondie Wishlist

The Finished Product

Success, online and off

One year after launch, sales, visits, conversion rates, orders and repeat customers continue to rise exponentially.

Store success Blondie Boutique Website
Megan Andre, CEO & Founder, Blondie Boutique

“I can’t believe that all my startup business dreams are coming true! I couldn’t have done it without Bryce. He took my vision and created everything I could have ever imagined! He is patient, intelligent, trustworthy and easy to work with in every regard. If you need web design then Bryce is the man to help. I think my website alone speaks it for itself!”

— Megan Andre, CEO & Founder, Blondie Boutique

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