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Case Study

Ackah Business Immigration Law

Ackah Business Immigration Law is a boutique corporate immigration law firm based in Calgary with offices in Vancouver and Toronto. They work with clients all over the world.

Ackah Business Immigration Law - Evelyn Ackah

Photograph by Trudie Lee

Ackah Business Immigration Law logo

The Project


I was hired by Ackah Law to concept, design and develop their new corporate website.

Key Requirements

Modernize the look and feel of the firm's website and create a control panel that easily allows the team’s content creators to edit, publish and share content.


Bryce Kirk: Art direction, UX, design and development / Catherine Russell: UX and content

The Concept

Well Organized

Use search and navigation to help every type of user quickly find what they're looking for.

Universal Appeal

Create an approachable, professional design that informs both corporate and non-professional customers about services, breaking immigration news and more.

Leading the Way

Highlight Evelyn Ackah as a thought leader in the industry.

The Execution

Measure Twice, Cut Once

With over 500 pages, organization was key. Each needed to be sorted, categorized and displayed to either Corporate or Personal customers, or both. All this organization needed to be intuitive for admin users to add, update and move pages. The solution was to create tags for each page that automatically generate navigation, overviews, related pages and more.

Ackah Business Immigration Law - Control Panel Structure Ackah Business Immigration Law - Overview Page Ackah Business Immigration Law - Related Blogs

Accessible Navigation

Once the structure was set, the next step was to enable users to quickly and easily navigate through the site’s many pages. This was achieved with organized search, a sidebar, mega menu dropdowns on desktop and an accordion navigation on mobile.

Ackah Search Bar
Ackah Business Immigration Law - Search Results
Ackah Sidebar Ackah Business Immigration Law - Accordion Nav Ackah Business Immigration Law - Mega Menu

Friendly, Professional and Helpful

The design needed to be approachable and accessible by Ackah Law’s varied audience. This is reflected in the typography, iconography, colour choice, photography and layout.

Ackah Business Immigration Law - Cards Ackah Cards 2
Ackah Business Immigration Law - Typography
Ackah Business Immigration Law - Personal Immigration
Ackah Business Immigration Law - Contact Bar
Ackah Business Immigration Law - News Mobile

Modular Approach

Content creators have the ability to set a custom testimonial, call to action, featured resource and more, or make their own from scratch. This allows pages with a specific audience to present the best materials and contact touchpoints.

Ackah Business Immigration Law - Modular Approach

Custom CRM Integration

Lexicata–a law firm-specific CRM–required a custom integration between the website contact forms and the CRM's API. This was done by writing a script that collects the user’s form data, formats it and sends it in JSON via an ajax call.

Ackah Business Immigration Law - Lexicata CRM Integration

The Finished Product

Keeping Customers and Content Creators Happy

Ackah Law’s new website presents the firm as a modern, professional institution, while the backend allows team members to keep the site up-to-date with the fast-paced immigration law industry.

Ackah Business Immigration Law - Website Mock (Click to view site)
Evelyn Ackah

“Ackah Business Immigration Law wanted to launch a new website - after 8 years spent expanding our old site, it was time. Bryce Kirk came highly referred and we began the process of designing, updating and launching our new look and brand over a few months. The result is even better than we could have imagined. We are very happy with the new website – it looks more modern and fresh and most importantly, it is user-friendly and my team can make edits to it as needed. I highly recommend Bryce Kirk for his talent, his exceptional technical skills, and his patience to ensure we get the absolute best product. Thank you, Bryce!”

— Evelyn Ackah, Founder and Managing Lawyer, Ackah Business Immigration Law

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