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Case Study

ARC Resources

ARC is one of Canada’s leading conventional oil and gas companies with operations focused in British Columbia and Alberta.

ARC Resources

Photograph by Ewan Nicholson

ARC Resources logo

The Project


I was hired by Karo to provide art direction, website design and development on ARC’s new website.

Key Requirements

The goals were to modernize the look and feel of the site and restructure the content to make sense to all of ARC’s varied audiences.


Bryce Kirk: Art direction, UX, design and development / Nathan Atnikov: Creative direction and copywriting / Tailfeather Inc.: Market research / Benny Lin: UX and sitemapping / Karo: Account management / Ewan Nicholson: Photography

The Execution

Backed By Research

Before moving a single pixel, data and insights were collected from employees, community stakeholders, investors and recruiters.

ARC - Ven Diagram

Built on Blueprints

The next step was to organize this information into an intuitive navigation and sitemap that makes sense to every type of user.

ARC - Post Its ARC - Navigation
ARC Navigation 2
ARC Navigation 3

Make it Beautiful

With the foundation laid, I created an engaging, functional design that reaffirms ARC’s status as a trustworthy, forward-thinking industry leader.

ARC designs ARC designs 2
ARC designs 3
ARC designs 4

The Content Builder

Charts, lists, tables, reports–content needed to be built and displayed in many different ways. The solution was to create a content builder within the CMS, allowing highly-customizable pages that are editable by anyone from developer to copywriter.

ARC Content Builder - Edit ARC Content Builder - Display ARC Content Builder

Stocks and Shares

Up-to-date stock data was a key requirement for investment users–no one wants to stare at endless tables (not even investors).

ARC stocks
ARC stocks 2
ARC stocks 3

The Finished Product

A Website For Every Audience

Building a website from the right foundation is the key to success, proving you can have both form and function.

ARC - Website Mock (Click to view site)

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